SLK Serving Aces for Sarcoma Benefit 2010

Starts on July 23, 2010

We had a great weekend at the BAC during our 2010 Scott L. King Serving Aces for Sarcoma Benefit Dinner and Tennis Tournament. The tournament included 65 players who traveled from Canada, Northern California, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Southeast Michigan.

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Scholarships also allowed inner-city children from Detroit and Dearborn
Community Tennis Association (DCTA) to participate in this exciting
event. From Friday to Sunday there were over 110 matches played on the BAC and Oakland Hills tennis courts. The success of the Quick-Start tennis program was immediately noticeable from the excellent points and long rallies between participants of all ages.

We greatly appreciate the support of BAC members and juniors who accounted for 24 of the tournament's entrants. On Saturday evening players and BAC members were treated to a high-level exhibition match of mixed doubles between Kurt Streng and Yasmin Kachaff against Griffin Nienberg and Keri Pilkey. It was an exciting weekend to raise awareness and funds for The University of Michigan's Sarcoma Cancer Research Center.

The Scott L King Serving Aces for Sarcoma Tennis Event is partnered with The QuickStart Tennis program which is sponsored by the United States Tennis Association. USTA QuickStart Tennis is an exciting new play format for learning tennis and, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and monitored scoring - all tailored to age and size. It is divided into two different levels; ages eight and under and ages ten and under.